BrakeBest Select Brake Pads Review 2021

Are you going to buy Brakebest select brake pads then you should definitely read this review very carefully. This pad comes from the brand, Connie N Randy.

Today we’re gonna be looking at some brake pads and the brand that I never have used in our top 9 brake pads list which is Brakebest and the pads that we are going to review is the ceramic brake pads.

Now, these pads are actually manufactured by Connie N Randy that seems to be the general consensus on this and you can find that they have quite a bit of feature that is typically seen on some of the better pads like the ones I have.

These pads are manufactured in the USA so they’re not manufacturing china I know sometimes that makes people kind of nervous but the USA does have a good production of stuff and I mean it really all depends on the brand really more than the location what kind of controls do they have.

Packaging and Box Contains

So come on to packaging and what you will get in the box, it includes four pieces of hardware which is good. These are the front brakes each of the pads is carefully packaged or protected in this paper packaging.

Here is the pad itself you will find that it has a nice quality name that the print it looks very nice, very sharp. Some kind of date coding or serialization you will find when you buy the pads I love this thing because it tells me that there is um some traceability in terms of if there was an issue you can go back and eventually the factory can find out if this is an issue of.

Quality And Material

Now you will find that this bag has a built-in shim so this is a little bit soft probably that rubber material and that reduces any noise that it might make against the caliper.

When the pad reaches is uh end of life so it’s gonna get thinner and thinner eventually the little clip will contact the rotor.

On the other side, you can see the ceramic construction of it and this is what they call ceramic molded. The ceramic pads are readily really known for being less dusty and also being higher. YOu can check what are the pads best ceramic or metallic here.

In terms of cost now its doesn’t mean that they have the best stopping power, best stopping power is typically acquired with the semi-metallic pads but some metallic pads can be noisier and can create a lot of dust.

Brakebest Select pads are copper embedded pieces of copper or other materials in here that are all held together with epoxy and that helps dissipate the heat. Another thing with these pads that are made out of ceramic if the car is being used in where you are subjecting the brakes to a lot of heat such as a racing application autocross the ceramic pads are not going to dissipate the heat as well and the heat is going to be dissipated into the calipers.

So the brake system will suffer a little bit more wear and tear by treating this because it’s trying to dissipate the heat through it as opposed to the pad.

Now the metallic ones because most of the material is metal it is going to help dissipate the heat better so the ceramic ones definitely are going to be for a daily driver somebody who wants a quiet ride and doesn’t want a lot of dust and the rotors.

Metallic brake pads are going to be for somebody who wants high performance does not mind the dust does not mind an additional warranty on the rotor.

But these brake pads are pretty neat pass I’m actually impressed with how they look and they’re retail for about fifty


brakeBest select brake pads

FAQs BrakeBest Brake Pads

Who makes BrakeBest select pads?

At the starting of this article, we told the manufacturer name. These pads are actually manufactured by Connie N Randy and manufactured in the USA.

What is O Reilly’s brand of brakes?

This brand of brake is from Brakebest select.

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